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Choosing the right dining room chairs  

By Mariette Clermont 23 May 2022

Choosing the right dining room chairs

Dining room chairs are more than just a detail in today’s home design. Their choice puts into play not only the comfort, but also the trendiness, the elegance and the welcoming side of your dining room. We guide you to make the best choice!

The dining room is an essential room in the house. Special moments are created there and you will welcome your guests on various occasions. For more modernity in your interior in terms of design and decoration, it is necessary to choose each element carefully. The dining room chairs are among the important items that will compose your decoration.

How to choose your dining room chairs?

To choose your right dining room chair, you need to balance aesthetics and comfort. To do this, you will need to consider the space and the furniture that will be associated with it, the materials, but also the structure of the chair itself such as the armrests, the back and the seat. You can also choose the color(s) according to the style of your dining room. We offer you a small guide to help you choose!

Size and space

The size is the first thing to consider when choosing your chair. Take measurements of your dining table to know exactly how many and what size chairs will fit around it. There should be a space of about 30 cm between the chairs to be comfortable.

If you choose chairs with armrest, consider adding a little extra space between each chair.

The materials

Dining chairs are currently offered in a variety of materials. Depending on the desired effect and their ease of maintenance, you can choose between different models. The timeless wooden chair is undoubtedly the warmest. In natural or colored tones, it goes well with all types of tables. Still in this warm aspect, natural materials such as wicker or woven resin is also a choice available to you. If you want to go further in design, plastic chairs are offered in many more models with various shapes and colors. They are even more appreciated for their lightness and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, metal and wrought iron chairs are heavier and have less warm side but are more resistant. Regarding the covering, leather guarantees a very chic effect but requires maintenance. Fabric is a good compromise if you want to have free rein in the choice of colors and patterns. However, beware of stains and animal scratches.

The shape and structure: armrests, backrest and seat

Dining room chairs with armrests or dining room armchairs, offer extra comfort. If you have enough space, and a table at the right height, they will enhance the welcoming side of your dining room. They can also be placed at the end of the table to ensure that they have enough room to slide around. We offer several models with armrests including the beautiful Eva arm chair by Sangiacomo.

The height of the backrest also plays an important role in the comfort of the dining room chair. The higher it is, the more comfortable it will be like the Bohème, Héritage or Asama models. However, beware of the clutter effect it can bring visually and even more if the room is small. On the other hand, a low-back chair will bring a more design and purified effect, more in the trend as the models Amélie, Mula and Lola.

The height of the seat is also very important. It should be 25 to 30 cm lower than the height of the table. For a dining table with a height of about 75cm, the ideal seat height is around 45cm. Choose it 2 to 3 cm lower if you are very tall. It is always good to make sure that you are comfortable with the chair and the table in the store.

Which dining chair best suits your style?

Nowadays, choosing dining room chairs that are sold with the table is no longer an option. We no longer necessarily try to match colors, materials or patterns. Leave room for mixing, while respecting the harmony in the decoration. When choosing each element, keep the whole dining room in mind. Tables, stools, sideboards and display cabinets are all items that you can find in our store and in all styles. Mix and match colors if you want to stay with the same style of dining room chairs. You can also mix and match different chair shapes.

If you feel ready to go further, dare to be creative and think of mix & match by mixing different styles. You can think for example of a combination of vintage wooden chairs, with industrial models and design chairs.

If you want to stay in the industrial and minimalist style, metal dining chairs are the ideal. To counterbalance the coldness of this material, opt for a down mat, or warm decorative cushions. We also offer stools that will enhance the industrial look, such as the Siren and the Jam by Connubia.

For a contemporary style, the store does not lack proposals! We have a variety of designer chairs that will look good in both classic and modern interiors. For example, choose the Dolly design chair by Kartell with its colorful and graphic legs, or the transparent Ghost or Hi/Cut chairs by Kartell, or the Parisienne by Calligaris.

If you are looking for a simple and elegant decoration, the Scandinavian style is certainly for you. For this, the secret is in the wooden chairs and in the colors. We offer models that will fit perfectly in your Scandinavian style dining room: the Nora chair from Actona, or the Claire from Calligaris.

As you can see, our store offers articles especially chosen for you, and that you can still decline according to your needs. So, don’t hesitate to come and visit us or to have a look at our beautiful collection!

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