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Choosing the right dining table | Mariette Clermont

By Mariette Clermont 3 June 2022

Choosing the right dining table

In addition to its functional role, the dining table is a true centerpiece of your dining room. Don’t leave its choice to chance, as it will be used daily. But how do you find the dining room table that will comfortably accommodate your family? That will fit the space you have? That accentuates the elegance you love so much? Size, shape, material, style, we help you to define the criteria to take into account to optimize your choice according to your needs.

The right size for your dining room table

It goes without saying that the choice of your dining table will depend on the number of people it will accommodate. Large family, couple, it is up to you to define the size that will meet your needs. Here are some dimensions that will help you situate yourself:

– Dining table for 2 persons :

  • 80 to 89 cm in diameter for a round table,
  • Between 100 x 60 cm and 109 to 70 cm for a rectangular table.

– Dining table for 4 people :

  • 90 to 124 cm in diameter for a round table,
  • Between 100 x 100 cm and 119 x 119 cm for a square table,
  • Between 110 x 70 cm and 149 x 90 cm for a rectangular table.

– Dining table for 6 persons :

  • 125 to 129 cm in diameter for a round table,
  • Between 120 x 120 cm and 149 x 149 cm for a square table,
  • Between 150 x 90 cm and 199 x 100 cm for a rectangular table.

– Dining table for 8 people:

  • 130 to 149 cm in diameter for a round table,
  • Between 150 x 150 cm and 159 x 159 cm for a square table,
  • Between 200 x 100 cm and 239 x 100 cm for a rectangular table.

– Dining table for 10 people:

  • 150 to 184 cm in diameter for a round table,
  • Between 160 x 160 cm and 199 x 199 cm for a square table,
  • Between 240 x 100 cm and 269 x 100 cm for a rectangular table.

– Dining table for 12 people:

  • 185 cm diameter minimum for a round table,
  • 200 x 200 cm minimum for a square table,
  • 270 x 100 cm minimum for a rectangular table.

For easy space saving, extendable tables are a great choice. You will find many of them in our collection of design dining tables.

The right height for a dining room table

We may not always think about it, but the height of the dining table gives a whole atmosphere to the room. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can use this criterion to make a difference. We list three types of height for three different styles:

– The standard height: corresponding to about 75 cm, it is a very common height that you will not have trouble finding. We have several in our table collection, including the Kent model, with its delicate and elegant lines.

– The “snack” height: around 90 cm, the snack height table has a modern and trendy style. It emphasizes a casual and modern atmosphere, while remaining very chic.

– The bar height: the bar table is about 110 cm high. It is distinguished by its originality and brings freshness to your home, like the Becky table, which will fit perfectly in your dining room or kitchen. You can also set up a small bar area, which will be the centerpiece.

Round, square or rectangular dining table: which one to choose?

Wondering what the ideal shape for your dining table would be? We give you more details on how to choose it. It will depend mainly on the space that will host it. As much as possible, keep a circulation space of 70 cm around your dining table. This margin ensures a smooth flow of traffic and reduces the risk of congestion.

Square tables fit perfectly in small spaces. If you’re looking to set up a studio apartment or other small space, a square table, for example for 2 to 4 people, is a good choice. The round table is also suitable for small spaces, just like its square counterpart. Round tables such as the Vortex Table have the particularity of bringing softness to the decor. If you also have large volumes, treat yourself to oval or rectangular tables such as the Cameo table, or the Omnia table.

The material of your dining table

The choice of material is also important when purchasing your table. Wood, marble, glass: the possibilities are numerous. To find the model that will suit your use and your needs, consider these two main criteria: the design you are looking for and the ease of maintenance. Here are some specifics for the most used materials:

Wood: the wooden table, both elegant and sturdy, is a great classic of our dining rooms. This timeless material can be easily adapted to almost any decor, whether vintage, Scandinavian or industrial. Wooden tables are also easy to maintain and look good for years. Thanks to its resistance, it is recommended if you have young children.

– The glass: with its recognized refinement, The table with a glass top has an attractive, clean look. It remains a must for contemporary dining rooms. However, it requires frequent maintenance, easily taking on certain stains, such as fingerprints. This does not detract from its charm, and you can count on your glass dining table to add character to your decor.

– Metal: The metal table has a sophisticated look that will enhance any room. You can choose to cover it with a tablecloth during meals to avoid scratches.

– Ceramic: dining table models with ceramic tops emphasize the modernity of the decor. They are in the trend and give a sophisticated style to the design. The ceramic dining table is also easy to maintain.

Wood+ceramic combinations offer a stylish look, which you can appreciate with the Icaro round table by Calligaris. Note also that the shape and style of the table legs play a role in the design of the room. From cross legs to U-shaped legs or other original shapes, our collections are sure to seduce you.

Think about completing your dining room set by choosing among our European inspired design chairs. We will be able to advise you to create a space that is both convivial and stylish in your image.

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