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Find the sofa of your dreams

By Mariette Clermont 17 May 2022

Find the sofa of your dreams

Is it time for you to bring a touch of newness to your living room? Do you want to find a new sofa to value your decoration ? Don’t go any further! We’ll help you find the sofa model that best suits your needs.

The sofa: precious comfort of our moments of relaxation in the living room.

The sofa welcomes your moments of relaxation in solo or with your family, as well as with your guests. Witnessing your gatherings, it is comfortable and cozy, without forgetting the style it brings to the room. Combined with a side chair or a small coffee table, it creates a stylish and chic relaxation space.

With so many models to choose from, it’s not always easy to find your way around. That’s why we help you to clearly define the criteria of your ideal sofa, which you will undoubtedly find among our collection.

Find the perfect sofa for your needs

When choosing your sofa, you need to consider shape, size, materials, colors, style, which is not always obvious. To help you think through your choice, here are some key things to consider to get your hands on the perfect model for you.

A sofa that fits your space

To avoid a cluttered room and an imbalance between the furniture, take the time to define the ideal size of your sofa. You can easily have it in mind depending on the space you have. Visualize the rendering of your living room and choose between : a corner sofa, a sofa bed, a U-shaped model, a 2, 3 seats or more. Don’t hesitate to take measurements and send them to us. The space between the furniture, or the orientation of your sofa are all parameters to consider.

A sofa that highlights the style of the living room

It is undeniable that the sofa plays a determining aesthetic role for the living room. With its size often imposing, it attracts the eye from the outset. For a harmonious result, remember to recall some details of other furniture in the choice of your sofa, such as color or material. You can for example associate the essence of the feet of the sofa with that of the coffee table. These often unsuspected details make all the difference to your interior. Nevertheless, give free rein to your creativity and your desire for fantasy by daring to use atypical colors and shapes. Above all, we want to help you create a personalized setting that suits you and that is suits best your taste.

A sofa that adapts to your daily life

The choice of the material is also essential to find the ideal sofa. Do you have small children? Or pets? Choose a sofa covering that is easy to maintain. We offer a variety of fabric covers for easy cleaning. You can also be tempted by leather sofas or loveseats, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Several models of reclining sofas are also available for a maximum of relaxation. In all cases, whether fabric or leather, our sofas offer generous comfort and an ultra-modern contemporary minimalist design.

Sofa, sofa-beds, sectionals: a sofa as functional as it is stylish

The sofa can be declined in several shapes and offer you several functionalities. Sofa beds can, for example, increase the number of beds when your loved ones come to visit you. Just as comfortable as a bed, you will not have to worry about the well-being of your guests.

To create a “tailor-made” space, sectional sofas are the ideal solution. You can arrange the rooms according to your needs, while playing on the aesthetic aspect of your living room. Whether your space is limited or not, you will be able to occupy it according to your desires. Don’t forget to complete the all with accessories such as lamps or mirrors. Our exclusive European models will bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your home.

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