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Domus sectional by Nicoletti Calia

Leather living room furniture

By Caroline 27 January 2018 FAQ, Help and references, living room

Purchasing leather living room furniture could become very confusing to the average consumer. There are many types of leather on the market, including materials that are not hydes, but some try to call them leather anyway. Let’s first consider some definitions.

  1. The top grain : This is the slice containing the epiderm. This part is porous, it breathes and is soft to the touch. Its prices is higher than other categories.
  2. The split: it is the part under the epiderm, It is not as soft and porous as the top grain. The split, however, offers a good durability. This type is not as expensive as the top grain. It is still a good buy for furniture subjected to intense use.
  3. The crust : it is the bottom part of the hyde. The crust is thinner and very fibrous. It has very few pores and does not breathe much, the type of leather that will feel hot in summer and cold in winter. The crust also tends to crack eventualy. This type is not very expensive and is the choice of manufacturers who aim at producing low-priced furniture. It cannot last as long as the other categories.
  4. Laminated or reconstituted leathers. These are NOT hydes. Leftover pieces of leather of all types are shredded and mixed with chemicals. The mix is then spread thinly over a polyester canvas. The mix could also be coagulated and form a sheet, like in the the cardboard industry. Sadly, these products are given names that could lead a consumer to believe that he/she is buying leather. We do not recommend these types.

Our collection of living room leather furniture is made up exclusively of mostly top grain, or sometimes split leathers.

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Sparta sectional sofa, also available as a loveseat or sofa. Choice of leather types and colors.
sparta canapé

Some of our models are available in buffalo hyde, a high quality, thick and durable leather. The Nizza model, made in Italy, is available as an armchair, loveseat or sofa.
Nizza canapé

Astoria, large sectional sofa, beautiful top grain leather.
Astoria sectionnel

Top of the line Hannah leather hide-a-bed for frequent or everyday use. Available with high quality foam or even Tempur-pedic mattress. One of the best hide-a-bed on the market. Come give it a try in store.
Hanna - Divan-lit

Owning leather living room furniture brings you many advantages.


  1. Genuine leather is a wear and tear resistant material;
  2. It is said that it acquires a sheen as time goes by, giving more caracter to your furniture;
  3. A sofa, or other piece of furniture could last 10 to 30 years or more, depending on the quality, use and maintenance.

Style and comfort:

  1. Genuine leather is a noble material that gives character to a room;
  2. Genuine leather is comfortable, often firm and brings warmth.

Genuine leather is normally easy to clean, a damp cloth and a soft soap should do it. There are exceptions such as in “savage leather” or suedes that can be problematic.

The quoted advantages depicted above do not apply to leather look-alikes such as eco-leather or other materials invented to look like leather but sell at a third of the price. These are not leather and, among other things, their longevity is much shorter. After a certain time these have a tendancy to peel and crack, giving your furniture a horrible look.

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