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Shelves and bookcases | Mariette Clermont

By Mariette Clermont 20 May 2022

Bookcases and shelves of all kinds

Storage cabinets, but also decoration, shelves and bookcases are design elements in their own right. Whatever the room where you want to install it, the bookcase has that touch of delicate elegance that makes it a must-have in our homes. We help you choose the ideal model according to your needs.

A shelf or a bookcase that suits to your needs

Books? Photo frames? Decorative accessories? It is important to define what you want to put on your bookshelf. This will help you to know the style of bookcase you need. Shelves with fixed storage shelves will be perfect to arrange your books or photos. For items that you want to keep more secure, cabinet type models with doors will do the trick.

The variations available in our selection are suitable for any room in the house, from the living room to the office. A nearby storage cabinet makes it especially easy for you to work from home. As always, we like to offer you solutions that are both stylish and functional.
An important point: do not forget the importance of the choice of the materials. Depending on the objects you wish to display, it is sometimes necessary to choose more robust materials.

A shelf that fits to your space

To highlight the harmony of the room, it is important to consider the space in which the shelf or bookcase will fit. Don’t skip the measurements, as they will help you narrow your search. You can check the dimensions of the furniture and compare the ideal height and width, depending on your needs.

For spaces that allow it, don’t hesitate to think big and opt for large shelves. These bring a real stylistic identity to your decor. For smaller spaces, treat yourself to a smaller, but still stylish, model. The ideal bookcase can also vary from one room to another, and will not necessarily be the same for the living room and the bedroom. In any case, it is up to you to define the space that will accommodate your furniture and their ideal dimensions.

Une bibliothèque qui s’aligne à votre style

Of course, the style is one of the selection criteria for your bookcase. You will indeed be confronted with a whole range of models during your search. Tall and slim bookcases will be perfect if you like sober and pure style. They bring a touch of elegance in all delicacy to the room. Note also that this type of shelf is particularly suitable in hallway, and effectively organizes your space.

If you like the look of large furniture, you can opt for bookcases that go up to the ceiling. However, you’ll need to make sure you have enough space to avoid the clutter effect. Modular variations are also a great solution if you like to change your style from time to time. Among our collection, you will find models to which it is possible to add drawers or doors, depending on your needs.

We don’t necessarily think about it, but materials also play a role in decoration. They highlight the tone of your decor, whether it is classic, rustic or rather Scandinavian.

How to enhance your bookshelf or bookcase?

At Mariette Clermont, we like to play on the details to make the difference in your interior. The shelves and bookcases are no exception, and can be sublimated by two three well placed accessories. What kind of accessories are you looking for? You’re spoiled for choice:

– Bookends, both practical and decorative;
– Wall lights or design lamps;
– A mirror to place near the shelf or the bookcase;
– A colored vase to make the decoration more dynamic.

You can even use your wallpaper to enhance your bookcase, especially if it doesn’t have a background panel. It is also possible to put other decorative objects, souvenirs, awards, vinyls, plants, the choices are endless!

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