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Side chair: how to choose and to enhance it?

By Mariette Clermont 6 May 2022

Side chair: how to choose and to enhance it?

The side chair is one of those pieces of furniture that make all the difference in the decor. We will help you choose the one that will affirm your style!

Let’s start with the definition : what is a side chair?

Furniture such as side chairs are like a wink to your guests. If the imposing furniture sets the tone for the style of your decoration, the side furniture will add THE little touch that will harmonize the decoration. The side furniture such as the side chair or the side table will play a crucial role in the visual. The accent chair will finalize the decoration by bringing a texture, a material, a color, or a structure that will stand out from the ordinary and will highlight your personality

A side chair for every room?

The side chair has the privilege of lending itself to any room in the house, depending on the use you give it.

  • The first room to which it is most logically dedicated is the living room. It will be used, for example, to relax in front of the television and will be chosen in the same style as the TV stand. Placed near the sofa, it will be an integral part of the reception area for the guests.
  • In the office, you might want to add a little color and assert your personality, or simply welcome a guest in an unusual chair.
  • What could be nicer than having a quiet corner set up for reading or relaxing in your bedroom? Adding a side chair to the decor will also bring your own special touch to the decor.
  • For bedtime stories or rocking baby to sleep, a large side chair will be an integral part of the beautiful family memories you build. Choose a large, comfortable chair to please the whole family.

How to choose the right side chair: What will be its function?

To choose the right side chair, think first of the function you will assign to it. For side chair that will be used to watch television, the use will be more frequent and comfort will be the most important parameter to consider. Your choice will be quite different if you simply want to prioritize the decorative function.

To make the right choice, think first of all about the daily frequency of use of the side chair and also and above all about the duration you will use it every day.

How to choose the right side chair: which components to choose?

It’s done, have you decided on the main function? Now, the choice will have to be made in a more specific way on each component of the chair.

The choice of the covering is very important, especially if you use your chair daily and frequently. Large cotton chairs and tight, twill and smooth fabrics will be more durable and comfortable. If you plan to use it less often, choose luxurious fabrics like velvet or linen. Leather is always a hit In terms of strength and style. For spaces that will be under the sun for a long time during the day, materials like polyester will keep better.
The choice of the structure is equally important. For a durable structure that will last for years, choose a hardwood side chair such as oak or maple. For even more strength, choose structures with reinforced joints. For a more economical choice, plywood and reclaimed particleboard structures are more economical and environmentally friendly choice.

If you’re planning to have more than one person in the recliner, the support will be of particular importance. Have you imagined two people sitting in your chair for the evening? You’ll want to choose an oversized side chair. For more comfort and responsiveness, choose hand-tied spring seats. If you’re looking for a more softer seat, the bow-spring ones are for you. If you’re looking for more economical models, strap suspension models are less expensive.

Last but not least is the padding. If you are particularly fond of softness and fluffiness, opt for down or feather filling. For a more durable and comfortable padding, high density foam is widely used. Theca’s Stilo is a great choice with its foam padding and metal legs. If you want to assert a minimalist style, side chairs with a simple wool or cotton covering will do the trick.

How to establish a modern and contemporary style?

Several styles exist to integrate your side chair into the decoration of your living room, your office, or your bedroom. For your dining room for example, some models will take the form of classic chairs with very padded backs, and will be ideal for the dining room. This will be the case for example of the Dione chair of Furninova, or Kareta from the same brand.

Other larger models can be deployed to allow you to lounge by a fire in the living room: the Divani recliner from IMG. For an office, models with high seats that invite relaxation are much more convenient. Following the example of the Jacob models, or the Rendez-vous armchair from Calligaris.

In order for them to serve their purpose, side chairs need to make a difference in the decor. That’s why it’s important to mix styles. For example, don’t hesitate to break the codes by placing a very design side chair like the Uncle Jim in the middle of your dining room. However, be sure to always respect the harmony between the different pieces of furniture that are present.

To bring a touch of surprise in your interior, in the middle of a neutral tone decoration, why not subtly place a side chair with a colorful and extravagant look ? Mariette Clermont store offers you different models all in the trend, you will be spoilt for choice

What space to choose for your side chair: dimensions and space layout

The size of the room to which the side chair will belong will be crucial to make your choice. To know precisely the space you would have, it is important to measure it well. It will be necessary to establish a plan of the space you will imagine. Here are some tips to do this :

  • It’s all about proportion. To get a good visualization of the space, don’t hesitate to demarcate it. Without having to draw markings on the floor with a felt pen, you can simply use masking tape. You can mark the space that will be used for your chair this way. On a parquet floor or on a carpet, this method will lend itself easily.
  • Put everything in a circle. To guide your guests to the reception area, consider creating a corner that groups chairs and tables for this purpose. Your side chair will sit there to provide that little cocooning and welcoming touch. Contemporary Scandinavian style chairs like the Holly and the Love from Calligaris will help you bring a touch of color and modernity.
  • Break up the monotony. Let yourself be tempted by different materials, like a side chair with a wooden structure, in the middle of a soft and plush sofa. Play with colors, shapes and materials. For example, choose the Bolientera model by Miniforms to create a convivial space that is out of the ordinary while bringing color and uniqueness.

Once you have defined your space, function and style, all you have to do is choose your ideal chair from our collection.

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