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Side table: practicality in the service of the design!

By Mariette Clermont 31 May 2022

The side table has become an essential piece of furniture thanks to its functionality and its original side. We tell you everything about this very trendy furniture!

Pourquoi avoir une table d’appoint dans son intérieur ?

The side table belongs to the decoration in its own right. It is a small piece of furniture that can be presented in different forms, intended to accommodate objects depending on the role that will be given to it. You will find that more than just functional, the side table is a chic item that will enhance the style of your decor.

Moreover, it can be used in different rooms and you will be spoilt for choice in the large collection we offer. To help you choose, we give you some tips on how to find the one that will best suit your interior and your daily life.

A successful decoration is reflected by carefully chosen furniture and a good organization of the space. Nowadays, the side table is a must-have in any modern interior. The side table can be used for a variety of purposes and yet takes up very little space. Over the years, the side table has adopted various designs. Indeed, they come in different styles today, combining beautiful materials like steel and marble, or wood and glass. Just like the furniture of the same type like the side chair, they bring a touch of originality to your decoration.

While you relax in your living room, you could have the things you need close by without cluttering the room. Whether you use it in the living room, in the bedroom, or even in the bathroom, there are countless models that can meet your needs.

What are the different types of side table ?

There are different types of side tables on the market that differ in shape and material. Each type has its advantages.

For every room, there is a suitable side table shape. For large rooms with lots of space, the round side table in the middle of the room will express conviviality. The furniture will be placed all around to invite your guests to settle in and make themselves comfortable. For example, you can choose the Bam model by Calligaris, the colorful Soda model by Miniforms, the Lotus by Sangiacomo or the Moca by A.L.F Dafrè.

The square side table gives a masculine look to the room. Although it can be adapted to different organizations of space, it is best suited to large rooms so as not to overload the decoration. However, there are smaller models like the Petra by Tema Home, the Thin model by Calligaris, or why the Katrine nesting tables by Actona.

The rectangular side table is also suitable for large rooms because it can be imposing by its size. This will bring even more cachet to the room. We have for example the Around coffee table by Calligaris, the Gleam by Tema Home, or the Kobè by A.L.F Dafrè.

When it comes to materials, metal or stainless steel side tables will bring character to the room. Sturdy, these side tables are made to last and enhance the contemporary style decorations. TTo keep a harmony in the decoration, it is advisable to find the same material in the other furniture of the house. The wooden side table are ecological because they are renewable. It brings cachet to your interior. However, they require good regular maintenance. The glass side table brings an airy and modern feel to the room. It will also give the feeling of having a more spacious room. They also have the advantage of being easy to maintain. Finally, the marble side table will bring elegance to your living room.

How to choose your side table?

The side table should not blend in with your decor, it should assert your style. If you have chosen a contemporary decor in neutral tones, a side table will bring even more modernity. Designers are now offering design side tables with modern and colorful materials. Let yourself be tempted by a side table that will stand out. We suggest for example the Tip Top model from Kartel that you can have in red or blue colors.

In a Scandinavian decoration, solid wood side tables are the ideal. This type of decoration invites a warm and cozy atmosphere. This is the case, for example, of the Mascotte coffee table by Connubia, which is extendable and adjustable in height. It can be transformed into a dining table for 6 people and can be moved easily thanks to two rubber wheels.

Glass or metal models will be the best for those who like design in interior decoration. Light and multifunctional, they are also suitable for small spaces or minimalist decoration. They are also perfect for industrial style. There are many choices in our store: like the Atollo model or the Tender by Calligaris, the Tuft by Alf Dafrè, and many others to discover on our website or directly in our stores.

In all shapes and materials, side tables are the trendy piece not to be neglected in your interior. To be sure of your choice, don’t hesitate to browse our collection or to come to our stores. Our advisors will be delighted to welcome you.

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