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Sofa-bed : when design and comfort are combined with functionality

By Mariette Clermont 12 May 2022

Sofa-bed : when design and comfort are combined with functionality

Why, when and how to choose the sofa bed that will become the main piece of furniture in your living room. Through this article, we will guide you to make the right choice and perfect your layout.

Why to choose a sofa bed?

Small spaces require one of the furniture. Small spaces require functional furniture with many possibilities. The decoration and the choice of the furniture must be done in the right way. The budget is not necessarily a limit. Opting for functional furniture like the sofa bed will allow you to bring comfort to your home while making two purchases in one. Aesthetics will be there because it will bring character to your living room by adapting to all styles in no time.

How to choose a sofa bed?

Mariette Clermont store offers a large choice of sofa beds that come in many styles, materials and colors. To choose the best option, there are few things to consider. We help you find the one you need through these orientations.

The dimensioning of the space

To choose the best sofa bed that will best suit your needs, think first of the right dimensions. It goes without saying that the space you have in your living room will influence the choice of your sofa bed. If during the day, it will only take a small space in the corner playing the function of a sofa, during the night, it will require much more space to be deployed and fulfill its function of bed. You’ll need to make sure you have enough room in front of the sofa, for a large sofa bed like the Pearson-Queen from American Leather, or in back, for some sofa bed models like the Natalie sofa bed by Calia Italia.

The sofa bed adapted to your lifestyle

Depending on the needs of your daily life and your type of housing, a large number of choices are available to you. For condos or loft, the large designer sofa bed like the Pearson-Queen will enhance the design in your home. It will be even more suitable if you use it every night to sleep. To bring your personal touch, do not hesitate to look for the right piece in the different models of shelves and bookcases, side chairs, TV furniture, footrests and ottoman.
If, on the other hand, you have to opt for a minimalist style due to a more limited space, or for infrequent use, sectional sofas will be able to fulfill the function, associated with one of our design TV stands. In case the bed function will be used daily, it is very important to choose a model with a quality mattress to ensure optimum comfort.

In any case, whether it is for occasional or daily use, there are different models of modular bed that will meet your expectations.

The different style variations

For the sofa side, a wide choice of material and colors is offered to you. Bright and energizing colors are in trend. Dare to use the velvet color to make your sofa bed the centerpiece of your living room, which will go very well with a modern decoration with neutral tones.

If you want to have control over the color and the materials, please note that all our brands offer a variety of coverings in different colors, such as the Alcova model. You can even choose the style of the armrests. The Italian design will certainly make a statement in your living room. For optimum comfort during the night, you will find that this model is offered with a luxurious foam mattress. Even more, for practicality, the Alcova sofa bed has a pillow storage.

If you are a fan of the Scandinavian style, Jonna sofa bed with wooden base and fabric cover will make you happy. With a gray color that remains in very neutral tones, it will fit elegantly into your living room decoration. Still in the Scandinavian style, we also offer you modular sofas like the models of the Furninova brand.

The best associations for your decoration

So you’ve made a choice and put a name to your decorating style. To create the perfect combination for your guests, you need to choose the right furniture.

Have you chosen a Scandinavian style sofa bed? Enhance the chic side of your living room by associating it with a piece of TV furniture of the same style that you can choose among the different models offered in our store. For a small space, choose a small coffee table to highlight the sofa of your choice. Calligaris brand offers different models that will charm you.

For the industrial style, which is usually appropriate for large spaces, the choice of a large sofa bed such as the Pearson-Queen, the Alcova or the Natalie is appropriate. The functional side of the sofa bed will bring even more cachet and will further emphasize the desired style. In this case, opt for neutral colors ranging from white to gray, through brown.

Highlight raw materials like metal and brick. To make your sofa bed THE centerpiece of your living room, sprinkle your interior with just a few functional items. If you choose to add a lamp to the decor, the floor or floor lamp will be ideal. At Mariette Clermont, we offer different styles and brands of lamps that suit best to all styles.
If, on the other hand, your heart is leaning towards the contemporary style, we have what you need in terms of carpets, an essential element to highlight your sofa bed. Mariette Clermont’s reputation is well established when it comes to the various refined models of carpets it offers.

The contemporary style is purified, with elegant materials. We propose you for example the Calligaris Chinese carpet, with curves and lines patterns, realized with noble materials as the mixed fibers of chenille and cotton fleece

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