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Modern and stylish sofas

The sofa is nothing less than the centerpiece of the living room. Faithful companion of our moments of relaxation, it is chosen with the greatest care. Shape, size and comfort are some of the criteria to focus on to find the model that best suits you. Discover our selection of elegant sofas in various styles.


After a long day at work, nothing beats the comforting call of the sofa. A comfortable sofa makes your resting moments much more enjoyable. Mariette Clermont diversifies the options to ensure you to find the perfect sofa. Reclining sofa, linear, sober, colored, extravagant, all styles are fulfilled.


Loveseats are characterized by their cozy and intimate style. They delicately underline the atmosphere and bring a chic touch to your home. Our high-end loveseats are particularly elegant and offer unparalleled seating comfort. Find loveseat models with storage compartments, classic designs, modular systems and more.

Our brands

The sofas offered at Mariette Clermont are inspired by the greatest brands of design furniture in Europe. You will find in each model the signature of renowned designers of the old continent.

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