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Best Hide-a-Bed for everyday use in a condo or loft

By Andrew St-Pierre 8 January 2018 Aide et références, FAQ, Help and references

Practical Guide


Canapé litFinding a hide-a-bed that is at the same time as comfortable as a regular couch when seated and as comfortable as a real bed when sleeping is quite a challenge these days. The high-end Comfort Sleepers TM convertibles by American Leather are made so they can be used every day. They are made to be comfortable as couches and exceptionally comfortable when used as beds.

They are the best solution for whoever wants to furnish a small condo, loft or a studio-type apartment and wishes to do away with the traditional bedroom so as to recuperate more space to use as the living room.

These sofa-beds have a great advantage when it comes to providing a full-size sleeping surface area. In all the available sizes, the length of the mattress is always 80 inches, the same length as a queen size mattress. This is good news for taller people. As for the width, the mattress is a full width mattress, contrary to conventional sofa-beds. Though it provides more sleeping space, the space it fills when open is smaller than that of the ordinary convertibles. For instance, for the Patterson model in the queen size, the total width is only 68 inches, and the total length is only 85 inches.


What about the actual comfort when sleeping ?

You could hardly tell this is a convertible couch. Contrary to those that are found on the market today, there are no bars under the mattress, there are no springs in it and it does not sag in the middle.

The standard mattress is made of a top quality high density foam and is a full 5 inches (12,7 cm) thick. It rests on a solid platform and its size is identical to the original mattress.

For even more comfort, you have the option of choosing a genuine memory foam TempurPedic mattress …at an extra cost.






What about the comfort when seated?

It feels very much like a regular sofa. Since the cushions rest on a foam mattress you do not have this feeling of stiffness you get when sitting on ordinary hide-a-beds. Instead, it feels semi-firm …a feature that is characteristic of superior quality couches.

Six sizes are available:

Twin bed (39 in. mattress) and cot (30 in.) for the single seats, or, for the loveseats and couches, you can have the full or double bed (54 in.), the queen size (60 in.), the queen plus at 66 in. and even the full King size with a 76 in. wide mattress.

Formats pour divan-lit

All the Comfort Sleeper TM hide-a-beds can be disassembled in four parts by our personnel prior to delivery. This enables our delivery people to deliver them trough tight doorways and hallways.

You can order your Comfort Sleeper convertible from a large selection of top-grain high quality leathers or a selection of durable fabrics.

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Source : Mariette Clermont – Normand Bellemare
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