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Design stool | Mariette Clermont

By Mariette Clermont 6 June 2022

Find the perfect stool

Looking for a stool but don’t know which model to choose? We help you make the choice that best suits to your style and needs. Between the modern counter stools, the vintage bar stools, or the industrial style ones, it is not always easy to find your way. To help you choose, here are the criteria to consider in order to find the ideal model.

Types of stools

If your dining room or kitchen has an island, you’re probably looking for counter stools. However, the models are extremely varied, which is both an asset and a headache when it comes to purchasing. The choice is vast between stools with or without backs, adjustable or non-adjustable, metal, leather. The main types of stools can be grouped into three main categories:

– Four-legged counter stools, for optimal stability,

– One-legged stools, often adjustable in height for maximum comfort,

– Bar chairs, which have a backrest that varies in height depending on the model.

You can make your choice according to your needs. For example, metal bar stools fit perfectly into modern, contemporary decor. This is also the case with swivel stools. As for leather stools, they are perfect for traditional and classic style interiors.

The right height for a counter stool

For the sake of comfort and functionality, the height of the stool in relation to the table should be fairly precise. The optimal distance between the two pieces of furniture is about 10″ (about 25 cm). For a 36″ (90 cm) table or island, the ideal height of the stool would be between 24 and 26″ (60 and 66 cm). The measurements will also help you determine the optimal number of stools for the size of the counter. Ideally, the distance between the center of each stool should be between 24 and 26 inches.

Here are some numbers to help you visualize the ideal height for your needs:

– A 45 cm stool is perfect for a standard table.

– For a work surface of about 90 cm, the ideal stool height is about 65 cm.

– For 1 m high counters, the ideal stool would be 75 cm.

You will obviously choose according to your needs of use, if for example you have children or if the stool will be used for several tables of different heights.

A stool with optimized comfort

At Mariette Clermont, the comfort is advocated as much as the design. The stools are no exception and are finely selected to satisfy you. Here are the main options that promote the comfort of your bar stool:

1. Armrests,

2. Footrests, particularly useful for very high models,

3. The backrest, a design and comfort asset,

4. The padded seats,

5. The ability to rotate.

You will find these options among our exclusive stool models.

Stools that enhance the design of the room

The choice of the design of your stool will depend on the style of the room in general. For the colors, those that are light are perfect for the Scandinavian style. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a recall of colors in the room, or mismatched colors for a touch of originality. Bright colors are recommended if you want to bring cheerfulness and dynamism to the whole.

All of our stool models are perfect if you want a chic and trendy atmosphere. It is also possible to emphasize the vintage side of your decor with models such as the fifties stool. If you don’t want to add more color to your decor, the transparent stools will make you happy.

Which material for your stool?

The material of the stool plays an important role in its design and also practical aspect. Indeed, if you plan to clean very often, It is preferable to turn to materials that are easy to maintain, such as metal or steel. Furthermore, the material of your stool can also set the tone of the decor. If you’re not sure, wood is a safe bet and will suit any interior. The chrome-plated steel is particularly elegant and accentuates the modernity of the frame. You also have variations in leather, fabric, plastic, and more, whether for the seat or the legs of the stool. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you make the best choice and find the counter stool that will meet all your needs.

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