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The sectional sofa: when malleability is combined with design and comfort!

By Mariette Clermont 26 May 2022

More than just for aesthetics and design, the sectional sofa is very appreciated for its comfort and its modular aspect. Being an important piece of furniture in your living room, we help you choose the right one through this article!

Why and when to choose a sectional sofa?

Nowadays, the sectional sofa is becoming the choice of more and more people: whether they live in family or alone. Emblematic piece of furniture of the living room, the sectional sofa has both aesthetic and functional advantages.

More seats for less space: although it is large, the sectional sofa is the ideal solution for small spaces! Indeed, being modular, it can be arranged in several ways according to your needs. By taking into account the size and the configuration of the room, the sectional sofa adapts to all situations.

If you frequently receive people or if you simply have a lot of people at home, the sectional sofa will allow you to have much more space without cluttering the room. In a living room, or why not in a bedroom, it will fit in perfectly and will go very well with a nice standing lamp or a nice side table.

A piece of furniture that knows how to adapt: the sectional sofa can be modulated according to the layout you wish to apply in the room. In a room where you would like to leave more space for aisles, it can be placed against the wall. This will give you more free space in the room, which is important so you can spend time with the kids in the living room. If on the other hand you have a large living room where you would like to delimit the spaces, the sectional sofa can act as a divider. To mark the boundary between the living room and the dining room, a large and wide sectional sofa will be the ideal. You will have the choice in our models proposed by great European brands: Calligaris, Franco Ferri, Furninova, Calia Italia, Theca and Nicoletti Calia.

For unparalleled comfort: The sectional sofa has the ultimate advantage of comfort. It will give a welcoming side to your living room by inviting your guests to settle down comfortably. You will also be able to lie down on it even with two people. For evenings when you welcome people or for romantic moments, you will spend unforgettable moments. To make it even more comfortable, multiply the soft cushions and the soft materials. In the next paragraph, we will help you choose the right sectional sofa that will suit you best.

How to choose a sectional sofa?

After weighing the pros and cons, or after a well determined choice in advance, you have decided to choose a sectional sofa for your stay. Very good initiative! However, the choice of sectional sofas is very large. To help you make your choice, we give you all the parameters!

How many seats ?

The first criterion for choosing your sectional sofa will be the number of seats you need. YYes, as the couch will be the family’s place to decompress, there will be room for everyone! Indeed, this will be particularly the case for teenagers who will want to lie down when school starts. In this case, large comfortable sectionals like the Furninova Boogie or the Calligaris Layla are the ideal. Or if you organize regular parties, your guests will find it a pleasant place to discuss. In this case, the great models of contemporary style like the Zuma by Nicoletti Calia are made for you.

Which space to dress?

Before choosing your sofa, you need to know the exact dimensions of the space you have. Consider measuring your living room or bedroom. We can think wrongly that the sectional sofa is reserved for large spaces. However, the modularity of the sofa provides a solution to the lack of space. As mentioned above, if your objective is to mark a separation between two areas, choose the wide sectional sofas like the Zuma or the Norma.

If you only have a small space, the Twin can be adjusted to the configuration that suits you. Our store has items that can be configured to your needs so feel free to store around. In any case, don’t forget to always think about the ideal orientation.

Need a little extra?

Many of the models we offer have special features that may please you and, in some cases, may be essential depending on your research. The Norma, for example, has a tray and a small bookcase, which will add a little finishing touch to the decoration and a convenience for the bookworms.

Some of our models are tiltable and even electric, like the Emè from Franco Ferri. The headrests of this model are manually adjustable and can be lowered or raised very easily. They offer exceptional neck support and unparalleled comfort.

What type of sectional sofa ?

There are countless types of sectional sofas, but space will always be the primary consideration. For the small sitting area in a limited living space, the classic sectional sofa will be a wise choice. That is, a loveseat combined with a deck chair. To lighten the decoration even more, it can be chosen without armrests. The Vesta left sectional model or the Strasbourg will be ideal. If you are looking to optimize your space with a layout that allows you to move around without too much discomfort, think of the straight sectional sofa models like the Zuma and the Layla. To add a dynamic side, angular models like the Emè and the Zuma are a good choice.

Materials: which ones to choose?

Given the importance of its function in the living room, comfort will take precedence over the criteria for choosing your sectional couch. However, in order to feel comfortable in your home, you will need a decoration in harmony with your style and chosen with taste. In 2022, the trend is towards natural wood and soft materials like the velvet.

However, for more contemporary styles, leather remains a must: the Landa and the Zuma will not leave you indifferent! As for the padding, for frequent use, don’t skimp on comfort! We offer models made for you, including the Layla, whose seat is padded with rubber and lined with a polymer layer. For more comfort for your back, the cushions are stuffed with feathers.

Is your choice made? Perfect! Come and visit us in our store, whether you are in Laval or Montreal, our consultants will be pleased to welcome you!

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